Full Metal Mustache

Friday, March 13th 2002.
Bart Boys Kevin Czopalla and Erwin Pachulke have been off duty for almost 18 months.
But this afternoon, somewhere under a heap of empty bottles in their fucked up appartment in South Central, something strange happens: The telephone is ringing.
Colonel Maik Schweigart is on the phone.

Czopalla and Pachulke are reactivated.

Mission target: Vietnam.

Before they leave, the Bart Boys prepare themselves by watching some of the good old Chuck Norris stuff.

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Shaken, but not stirred:
After 20 hours in the heli, Bart Boys prove themselves to be hard boys. Just as Chuck Norris.

Keep cool:
The Bart Boys are chillin’ in Halong Bay. In the background you see the legendary sea battle of Hat Roq (shortly before it really started, Soundtrack: Halloween).

Vietnamese low riders belong to the toughest in all the world. Some of them are undercover agents. These boys can’t even spell “Steppenwolf”. Cool.

Bart Boys are checking Halong Bay on their Boat.
Private Sven, the paper palmtree, get’s on our nerves. But nobody lets on.

The journey back is a nightmare. The guy next to Czopalla tells everyf***ingbody that his name is “peace”. We try to tell him that the word “peace” actually means “war” and that his parents are dyslexics. But he don’t understand.

Saigon City, at last.
The Bart Boys finally got rid of Private Sven the paper palmtree and the freak named “peace”. So there’s some time left for getting drunk and checking out some meat. But the girl on the left plays hard to get.

So Czopalla wakes up alone.

Saigon rules:
Eastbam is at the turntables and the girls are real beauties (after 10 Tiger Beer).

Mission Complete.
In Hongkong, the Bart Boys mingle for a last time with the people five feet high.
Then it’s time for a heli ride back home.


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